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During our first phone call, we’ll talk about your project including:

  • Both your wants and needs

  • The type of contractor you’re looking to hire

  • Your plans and ideas

  • Budget and timeline

We understand that we’re not always the right fit for everyone and each project. Let’s talk about it and find out together, pick a day on my calendar and time that works best for you. 



Items we will discuss during out first phone call

Your Key Information:

Where is your home located?

We have a very specific area we serve because we want to make sure we can manage your project with a high level of customer service and attention. Take a look at our service area page to find out if we work in your area.

What project are you looking to complete?

We want to make sure we are the right fit for you, so this question is an important one. For more information on how we run your project check out our FAQ page.

Why do you want to do this project?

We love partnering with our clients to help make their home a place to make lasting memories. So tell us the deep reason on why you are ready to make such a significant investment in your home.

When are you looking to have the project completed?

Do you have a deadline of when you are looking to complete your project? Whether it is a graduation party, or an expected new born, let us know if you have a date in mind so we can go over how long your project design, permits and build-out may take.

How much are you looking to invest?

Setting the right budget is the most important part of any project. Without the numbers lining up, you’ll be wasting your time. Let’s talk about what you are looking to spend. If your budget is realistic, we can help come up with ideas that will provide the best value for your investment.  Check out our pricing page for guidance in setting a realistic budget.

Some other questions we will ask:

  • What year was your house built?
  • How long do you plan to stay?
  • Primary reason for the project?
  • Are you planning to get a permit?
  • Have you ever remodeled your home before? How was that experience?
  • What is the number one thing you are looking for in a contractor?
  • During your research for this project, are you talking with other contractors?
  • How are you planning to determine who to work with?

At the end of our conversation together we will determine if it make sense to set up an appointment for the discovery meeting. If it doesn’t seem like we are the right fit for your project, we will try to refer you to another qualified contractor that can serve you better.

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Whether you have an exact design in mind, or just need more information, let’s get the ball rolling today.

Finding the perfect remodeler takes time and patience. They should understand your unique vision and flawlessly bring it to life. BcrBasements Inc. can help you achieve just that. Reach out if you think so too.